Use case “Les Maisons du voyage”

Illustrate travels offered in the Magento products catalog

For more than 25 years, Les Maisons du Voyage group offers tourism vacation packages or customized trips, on 4 continents.

The web portal is based on a Magento solution that unifies and rationalizes a multi brand communication.

It was necessary to illustrate the product sheets with attractive pictures, without however, making these operations tedious for customer advisors and product managers.

Phraseanet is used as a media container to store the graphic material which is used to illustrate the travels offered in the Magento products catalog. The visuals are gathered in stories in the Phraseanet application and then linked to the Magento product by a common reference.

The Phraseanet plugin for Magento takes care of automatically retrieving the images used to illustrate the product sheets in Magento.

Benefits are undeniable :

  • Import of the media files is simplified in the e-commerce solution
  • Update is easier, reduces risk of errors
  • Management of expiry dates for media rights