Use case “Fleury Michon”

For a centralized image repository

Fleury Michon manufactures and distributes a range of food products: Meats, prepared meals, sea caterer preparations.

  • The IT department wanted to meet the needs of several businesses: Be able to provide a centralized image repository that was missing until then in the company
  • Provide internal staff, service providers and customers with an image database of the company’s products and thus comply with the regulations on information on food products
  • Bring together the items of the company’s digital heritage.

Alchemy has been involved with audit and analysis, giving advice to the project stakeholders. Implementation of the Phraseanet DAM solution has enabled to meet the expressed needs:

Phraseanet gathers multimedia resources that can be used by several businesses in the company.

  • In terms of communication, those common resources facilitate the brand image building of the company.
  • Phraseanet and the Genfi PIM are linked and communicate, so that internal staff, service providers and customers have at all times, reliable and verified product visuals, ready to use and to publish.
  • The Phraseanet plugins for Microsoft Office allow all teams to access a common image databank to illustrate their presentations, reports, dashboards, synthesis works, without leaving their office tool.

Date: May 2016
Services: Communication, Marketing, Room saveurs (subsidiary)
Number of media files: 10928
Number of users: 570