What we do

Alchemy manages and enhances the exploitation of all your digital content.

Alchemy is an expert in the management of digital content and brings a global and transverse response to institutional or event communication needs, but also to use files in business processes for sales and marketing functions.

For whom?

Companies, media, institutions, associations, government agencies, to manage and share all their photo/video content, in other applications: websites, blogs, ecommerce websites, office software applications…

Our customers are: schools and universities (Insead for example), TV channels (TF1),  trade and distribution (Monoprix), industries (Vinci), banks (Société Générale) or city halls (Mairie de Paris)…

Our three businesses


Alchemy is the only market player in France to have chosen Open Source for its solution, Phraseanet. Alchemy is a team of 5 developers and a network of partners who contribute to the enhancement of the software. With 2 major releases a year, the software is constantly evolving. Phraseanet sources are available to all from the download page. You may download it and use it for free.

Today, there are several tens of millions of multimedia files managed by Phraseanet servers on the 5 continents.


Alchemy assists private and public companies of all sizes and type in implementing Phraseanet: audit and needs analysis, data recovery, setup, training, documentary assistance, functional development, maintenance and support.


Alchemy implements Phraseanet on AWS platforms (Public Cloud). Our SAAS offers are built on high availability infrastructures and have no limitation on the number of files. Alchemy ensures the application outsourcing, our technological partners offer the hardware outsourcing.

Our convictions

The future is Open Source

Today, Phraseanet stood out as a reliable, reference solution used by the biggest companies and institutions, sometimes with critical and challenging environments.

  • A source code published which you can modify freely.
  • Collaboration for enhancements
  • The choice of a free licence model
  • A structured Open Source model coordinated by our teams (developers, documentation)


Enhancing its content to enhance its image

We believe ereputation is the edetails: Ergonomy of the interface, ease of use, accuracy of te request, relevance of the response, speed of the update: everything is made for a user friendly experience. Our mission is to enhance your images as well as your own image.


Complexity for us, simplicity for you

  • The Phraseanet architecture makes the solution naturally compliant with our customers’ software tools.
  • Phraseanet is a powerful, quick, evolutive solution.
  • Phraseanet is a solution for all, customizable by each.

These three points may seem obvious but regarding the needs complexity, this sounds like three really good news.


Being human compliant

We firmly believe in collaboration, in quality of customer relationship and in the sense of service. Most of our customers are trusting us for more than 15 years. Every day, everything is made to make Alchemy human compliant with everyone. Give it a try, you’ll see.

Our team

Guillaume MAUBERT

Founding partner. CEO.

Nicolas Maillat

Founding partner. CTO.

And also…

Nothing would be possible without our team: technicians, developers, webdesigners, trainers, project and sales managers…

They are passionate, dedicated to you, anytime. About new technologies, their projects, their jobs. Most of the members of our team have been working here for 10+ years.


We’re hiring Back and Front end developers. Please check also the current open positions. For consideration, please send your CV and a cover letter to:

But also:

Junior support Technician (permanent contract)

Back & Front Developer (permanent contract)

Sales agent (work-linked training possible)