Our services

Ask us everything

You may ask full support from our team for your project, or ask us to give you some help once.

Audit and needs’ analysis, setup, data recovery, training, support and maintenance, methods and process, Alchemy brings you its full expertise.

Web Designers and Integrators help you implement your functional and graphic needs with the Parade front end applications.

Finally, we ensure the technical training for your teams so that they can be in charge of the Phraseanet API quickly and discover its full potential.


Audit, Analysis & Consulting

Define the digital issues / provide the solutions

This audit phase is sometimes longer, sometimes shorter, depending on the complexity of the needs. The aim is to optimize the use of our solution depending on your work methods, knowing that the contraints of the content exploitation are linked to the nature of each customer.

The process :  Analysis of needs and contraints / digital organization of information / definition of documentary structures of indexation / study of the interconnection needs with other applications / setting up workflows / help to organization.


Hosting SAAS


Alchemy has its own servers, back up and storage arrays.

Our servers are physically hosted in France, are fully redundant and allow us to display a 99,99 % availability. We have entrusted the hardware part to HP, Oxalide the material outsourcing. We take care ourselves of the applicative outsourcing.

Alchemy has chosen the AWS platform to ensure the hosting of their customers’ Phraseanet sites. 

This platform is deployed in the Europe Amazon zone. Several architectures are possible. Phraseanet can be deployed either on mutualized servers or dedicated servers (AMI).


(A good) start from the beginning

It is crucial to be able to control the data recovery and the setup of methods. We are here to help you with the full setup, or if you just need a helping hand.

If needed, our technicians assist you define the target infrastructure and get involved with your teams to deliver an operational solution and transfer the skills necessary to the technical management of the solution.

From the setup on a single physical machine to a deployment on virtual, complex, multi-tier infrastructures, we scale the material needs which will allow you to exploit Phraseanet the best way possible.


Design and Development front

Each has his navigation and design

Needing a specific navigation? a front end interface reflecting the way you are?

Expose: Easily create and manage web galleries publications. Phrasea Expose is a gallery publication oriented CMS, with very easy design integration.

Parade enables to include your corporate identity charter in the graphic interface, but also the specifics in the navigation, the search menus according to your businesses and users’ needs.



Human resources and productivity

The training content depends on the needs and level of knowledge of each user.

  • Functional Administrator training : (1 or 2 days) The training allows to get all the skills necessary to manage and operate your documents.
  • Documentary training : (1 or 2 days) it is often said that a media not well indexed, or not indexed at all, has no value. The aim of this module is to make you efficient in the indexation of your media. It also can be used to learn how to operate a thesaurus in Phraseanet (terms hierarchy, candidates management).
  • Technical administrator training : (1 or 2 days) This training module is for IT technicians who need to get the technical control of a Phraseanet solution (create databases, fields, subresolutions, status bits, user rights management, user rights templates).
  • Developer training : This module is for development teams who wish to operate efficiently and quickly all the power of the Phraseanet API, learn everything about the API routes and their use.


Support & Maintenance

What if… ?

What if I have a problem with Phraseanet? What if I want to setup my solution?

You are not alone. Our Corporate (Small Business), Entreprise and Group maintenance contracts guarantee the management by our technical and development teams if there are anomalies or if you want to upgrade your system.

Remote maintenance

This service allows an almost instantaneous reactivity to solve your problem.

Technical hour packages

10 or 20 hour packages are used for setup operations or to procede to Phraseanet version upgrades.


Specific developments

The fair deal development

Our project managers and developers analyze with you your functional development requests.

Depending on the interest for the software, Alchemy will sometimes be able to take care of a part of the feature’s development cost.