Icons Pack

Icons pack

Download this icons pack to illustrate status and mini logos in Phraseanet!

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Can not be used outside the use of Phraseanet.



WordPress Plugin

Illustrate your blog or WordPress site with media from Phraseanet

The Phraseanet plugin for WordPress allows you to insert all types of media from Phraseanet into a page of the CMS website or blog. With a simple click on the Phraseanet icon on the toolbar, access thousands of pictures directly from your website!



Drupal Plugins

Access your Phraseanet content from Drupal and illustrate your publications

Drupal, the CMS for managing complex projects and high traffic sites, has two Phraseanet plugins.

The first plugin allows to insert media stored in Phraseanet in an article or a page of the CMS.

The second one, “Client”, allows to view the Phraseanet photo gallery directly from Drupal and download pictures.

1900€(*)* : Exclusive of taxes.

Magento plugin

Magento automatically supplied by Phraseanet!

The Magento Autoimport addon allows you to import automatically or manually, from Phraseanet, products pictures in an ecommerce Magento catalog.

1900€(*)* : Exclusive of taxes.



Microsoft Powerpoint Plugin

Inserting easily media into your PowerPoint documents

As in other Office applications, insert media stored in Phraseanet, into your PowerPoint presentations by drag and drop. You also have access to your baskets and WebGalleries.

29€(*)* : Exclusive of taxes.


A trial version is available, feel free to use it !


Microsoft Outlook Plugin

Insert your Phraseanet media from Microsoft Outlook!

With this plugin, access your Phraseanet database directly from Microsoft Outlook and attach pictures to an email.

29€(*)* : Exclusive of taxes.



Microsoft Excel Plugin

Insert your Phraseanet media from Microsoft Excel!

Select pictures from your Phraseanet database and add them to your Excel document, without leaving your application.

29€(*)* : Exclusive of taxes.




Microsoft Word Plugin

Insert your Phraseanet media from Microsoft Word!

This plugin for Microsoft Word allows you to access all your media content stored in Phraseanet.

Search for your pictures, browse with the facets, access your baskets… and insert a picture with a simple drag and drop.

29€(*)* : Exclusive of taxes.




Microsoft Plugins Pack

Microsoft addins Pack (Powerpoint, Word, Excel and Outlook)

This special offer for all Microsoft addins: This pack includes Powerpoint, Word, Excel and Outlook.

78€(*)* : Exclusive of taxes.



Adobe InDesign Plugin

Your Phraseanet media available from InDesign!

Do you need to create a brochure, a flyer, a magazine? Save time accessing your Phraseanet content without switching between your applications!

19€(*)* : Exclusive of taxes. / month / user

Or buy the Adobe InDesign + Photoshop plugins for 29€(*)* : Exclusive of taxes./month!




Adobe Photoshop Plugin

Edit your pictures and update in Phraseanet

With this plugin for Photoshop, access all your media content stored in Phraseanet without leaving your image editing application!

With three simple clicks, update an existing document or send a new edited one to Phraseanet!

19€(*)* : Exclusive of taxes. / month / user

Or buy the Adobe InDesign + Photoshop plugins pack for 29€(*)* : Exclusive of taxes. / month!


Webgalleries plugin

Publish your Phraseanet media on a Webgallery!

The Webgalleries allow the users to publish and share their Phraseanet media content on a dedicated website.

1900€(*)* : Exclusive of taxes.



Phraseanet Support Contracts

Support contracts covering all the services needed to support your company

Corporate 1900€(*)* : Exclusive of taxes.
Entreprise 3900€(*)* : Exclusive of taxes.
Portail 7900€(*)* : Exclusive of taxes.




Prepaid services

Choose your plan !


10H / 950€(*)* : Exclusive of taxes.
20H / 1800€(*)* : Exclusive of taxes.