Webgalleries plugin

Generation of HTML pages (mini web sites) to publish documents

The Phraseanet WebGalleries allow the users to publish and share their Phraseanet media content. The display of a WebGallery can be done through a
permalink or an iframe calling one of the predefined page templates (list).

Features :

  • Create baskets, add documents by drag and drop
  • Choose the image cover
  • Share and collaborate with users (view or publication)
  • Search galleries with criteria and filters
  • Setup start and end of publication
  • Publish via :
    • Permalink (URL sharing to a third party application)
    • Iframe
  • Archive / unarchive
  • Multi-template
  • Recoverable via the API

1900€(*)* : Exclusive of taxes.
(Price includes installation, web design, and HTML integration of a template.)

With the Webgallery plugin, publish your Phraseanet media content on a dedicated website.

The title of the Webgallery, the notice and the pictures you wish to add.

Here’s the interface to edit the title, description and to change
the cover page of the Webgallery.

The publication window: choose start and end dates of publication,
and the image resolution for download.

Add users according to their roles, publisher or viewer.