Photoshop Plugin

Edit your pictures and update in Phraseanet!

With this plugin for Photoshop, access all your media content stored in Phraseanet, without leaving your favorite image editing application!

The best of Phraseanet is included in this plugin for Photoshop: browse your database with the facets, your baskets and stories…

19€(*)* : Exclusive of taxes. / month /user
Combine 2 Adobe plugins (InDesign + Photoshop) for 29€(*)* : Exclusive of taxes. / month!

Opening a document and detailed view.
Searching for an image, browse with facets.
Searching with a keyword.
Access your baskets.
Editing the picture and updating the existing file in Phraseanet.
Editing the picture and sending as a new document in Phraseanet.