InDesign Plugin

Your Phraseanet media available from InDesign!

Do you need to create a brochure, a flyer, a magazine? Save time accessing your Phraseanet content without switching between your applications!

19€(*)* : Exclusive of taxes. / month / user

Combine 2 Adobe plugins (InDesign + Photoshop) for 29€(*)* : Exclusive of taxes. / month!

Create your InDesign document importing files from your DAM.
Insert a file and select the subdefinition. This file might have been modified
in Photoshop and then updated in Phraseanet.
Browse your media files with the facets and keywords in the search bar.
Access your baskets to use the pictures inside.
Save your new document in InDesign and send it to Phraseanet.
You will be able to open your InDesign document later from
the Phraseanet Plugin to make changes.