Drupal Phraseanet Plugin

Access your Phraseanet content from Drupal and illustrate your publications

Drupal, the CMS for managing complex projects and high traffic sites, has two Phraseanet plugins.

These plugins, existing for version 7 and version 8 of Drupal, allow writers to view and use documents managed by Phraseanet directly from the CMS. The first plugin allows to:

  • Search and display your documents, baskets and Webgalleries
  • Choose the subdefinition, insert media
  • Insert links in articles or in customizable fields (image or background video for example)

Fares: 499€ / plugin / year

Installation Pack: 199€

Insert a media, detailed view.
Crop an image before insertion.
Edit the article in Drupal.
Your article on the Drupal website.

View your photo gallery from Drupal

The second plugin (“Client”) allows the writer to display a Phraseanet block in an article or a page of the Drupal site. Actions available are:

  • display the photo gallery
  • browse media content with the facets
  • display the detailed view and notice of a picture
  • download the media

Login to the Drupal Client plugin.
Search for your media files, browse with facets.
Detailed view, notice and download.