Agility enables brands and their marketing ecosystem to collaborate effectively, develop, produce and store all their marketing content and communication, broadcast on different channels and media and finally measure efficiency.

Moreover, the solution allows you to connect a set of automation marketinf applications chosen by the customer, while facilitating access to all content from a single platform.

Developed by Agil Technologies, the solution integrates Phraseanet as media management solution.

Key benefits of this solution:

  • Make the marketing actions management in project mode easier worlwide, in project mode, from design to publication and reporting.
  • Accelerate acquisition, implementation, use and renewal by the company, of the best marketing automation/activation apps on the market.
  • Enhance productivity of all stakeholders of the company’s marketing ecosystem and reduce time-to-market.
  • Measure, control, store data and trace the actions via a customizable dashboard.

The agility platform forms the natural and logical software suite to the Phraseanet offer and fully meets the needs of collaborative improvement between teams and their growing desire to control marketing and communication actions. 

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