Agility enables brands and their marketing ecosystem to collaborate effectively, develop, produce and store all their marketing content and communication, broadcast on different channels and media and finally measure efficiency.

Moreover, the solution allows you to connect a set of automation marketing applications chosen by the customer, while facilitating access to all content from a single platform.

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Key benefits of this solution:

Save to 20% on fixed costs of creation – production

  • Cost reductions on production, localization, adaptation (through the agility’s marketing automation apps)
  • Cost reductions on the shipping to media (through dematerialized delivery networks)

Enhance to 30% the efficiency of teams and partners

  • A smooth collaboration thanks to a unique work platform
  • Optimization of activities thanks to a customizable library for the marketing processes

Agility & Phraseanet: A natural, logical software suite

The solution integrates Phraseanet as media management solution.

From the creation to the distribution of all types of contents, Agility and Phraseanet build up a natural and logical software suite, to:

  • Enhance collaboration between teams
  • Control efficiently marketing and communication actions

With Agility, Alchemy and Phraseanet are taken in the dimension of the collaborative marketing!