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  • Release of Phraseanet 4.1.5

    The latest release of Phraseanet, 4.1.5, is now available!

    -New search operators

    -Feedback enhancements

    -Webhooks improvement

    -Adding mapping for the fields and subdefinitions (Phrasea Expose)

  • Phraseanet 4.1

    Among the new features of this new major release:

    -Availability on Docker


    -Video chaptering

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    Simple, intuitive, collaborative, SWYP fits your organization, your production tools, for a quick evolution towards multichannel publication, cheaper.

  • Phraseanet

    Find out about the most complete Open Source Digital Asset Management solution on the market!

  • DAM

    Phraseanet is a Digital Asset Management solution.


    Powerful, efficient and complete. View some of Phraseanet’s main features.

  • Open Source

    Phraseanet is Open Source, under license GNU GPL v3.


    You can download and use it for free. Click on Download to visit the Phraseanet website.

  • Our services

    Do you need assistance in implementing Phraseanet?


    Alchemy offers setup, training and various support contracts. Phraseanet is also available in Saas.

  • Online Demo

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