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Fast Facts

The name of our Digital Asset Management software is PHRASEANET. Phraseanet is for all those who need an efficient tool to store, manage, share their digital files.

- Web-based: no specific installation on client computers. All you need is a standard web browser! Phraseanet is a complete DAM system, made of 7 applications (or modules), you have access to all of them: Production, Classic, Administration, Report, Lightbox, Thesaurus & Upload.

- Built on standard technologies (MySQL, PHP, XML), Phraseanet is cross platform and you can use the solution under Windows, Mac & Linux.

- Phraseanet is an Open Source software, distributed under GNU GPL3: Download Phraseanet for free from the sourceforge website or from our website

- The next pages will give you an overview of the 7 applications.
If you want to take a tour of Phraseanet, ask an access to the online demo here!


How to get an access to the Phraseanet Online Demo : Login and Password...

Free download. In March 2010, Alchemy decided to make Phraseanet an Open Source solution under GPL 3 license....

Quick Start Guides etc. !...
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